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Protect the privacy of Americans with psychiatric disabilities

Rep. Tim Murphy, Chair of the House Energy & Commerce Oversight Subcommittee, is holding a hearing this Friday to try and argue that the HIPAA protections that protect the privacy of people seeking mental health services are unnecessary and a threat to public safety...

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Loud Hands: Autistic People Speaking

Help us to promote a new book by Autistic peopleLoud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking - a true and important book about autism and our society.  Help us to bring it to Autistic people around the world, and to the families of Autistic people, and to our allies, and those who can be. This book is special - it's a powerful beacon that shines through the voices of many of us.  Buy this book, read it,  tell people about it, help them to purchase it.

If you find a person who needs it but can't afford to buy it, and if you can't help them yourself, let us know, or tell them to contact us and we'll help them to purchase it.**


Call for Action:   Say NO to Mental Health Hysteria

NRA cries - "keep mentally ill off the streets".

The inferences here: mentally ill - not normal; not normal - not neurotypical; not neurotypical - autistic (aspergers now included, unless you pass) - People on Autistic Spectrum.

Come out and say NO to NRA.

Jan 6. NYC Autistic Meetup. 2PM  (changed to 4PM), Liberty Square. Manhattan, New York, USA

Call on your friends and allies, call to other groups to come out with us to Liberty Square where Spirit reigns. Have no Fear!

Let Our Voices Ring!

Ppl said it's too cold!?

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The Department of Managed Health Care's Autism Advisory Task Force is working on recommendations regarding the “Treatment Intervention policy” for Autistic children, which is likely to define the future of these children in the United States for some years to come.  

A Better Way Foundation has concerns about the current policy, specifically regarding the violation of human rights of autistic children, experimentation on children, as well as concerns about the task member’s conflicts of interest, and the validity of the current approach overall.

The following open letter regarding these concerns and addressed to Autism Advisory Task Force was sent by our founder to the task force ( on 5/16/12.  Over the next few days, we also plan to send it to as many Autistic people as we’ll manage to find on the internet.

We ask YOU, if you agree with the above (in whole or in part), to do the same (send it to the task force and other Autistic people), and also add your name to the petition list. The next meeting of the task force is on May 18, June 22, Oct 5, 2012 (last meeting see ASAN). We can make our opinion count, but we must speak with a unified voice.

Petition List to Autism Advisory Task Force – list of people who signed the letter/ add your name and SEND the open letter  to




Oct 1, 2012 - Special Meeting with Brent Barnhart of the Autism Advisory Task Force

A request was sent to ASAN Sacramento Chapter to bring these concerns at this meeting. 9/28/12

The letter was presented at the meeting and the receipt subsequently acknowledged by e-mail from the Dept. of managed Health.