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Autistic Letters (backwards)

These are letters to people, that never reach them, or if they do, they are not read, and if they are read, not understood, and if understood, they leave no trace, and if they leave trace, it disappears in their world. There is never an answer.

I will reveal them to you one by one, going backwards to the beginning. And by the time we get there, we'll be right where we're destined to be - The Beginning.

And let me remind you that our beginning began out of Eden.

-7   Letter to FDA re. JRC - 14 Feb 2013

-6   Parting words to FREE - 9-30-12

-5   Address to ANI - 30 Dec 2011 (members only/backdoor)

-4   Address to ASAN - 30 Dec 2011 (members only/backdoor)

-3   A Prayer for 2012  - 7-31-11

-2.  A sting is the difference - to AC - 17 May 2012

-1.  You have to find courage - to AC - 22 May 2012