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The following references are included to expand your Autism knowledge. These references are singular compared to the massive trumpeting of the Handlers - people in control of these children’s lives; those whose business is correcting these children. They are singular but they are important, because they reveal a truer picture, and allow you to make better judgments.

Three Autistic people. What connects them? The WALLS were not built around them!

Donald Triplett - Autism's First Child

Daniel Tammet - Autistic Savant

Rowan Isaacson - Horse Boy


Three Autistic voices. They’ve been handled by the system from an early age. Listen to them!

Julia Bascom - Quiet Hands

Jim Sinclair – Don’t Mourn for Us

Alicia Lile - What I need and want



The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) – self advocacy

The Autistic Network International (ANI) – self advocacy

The Autism National Committee (AUTCOM) - emerging dissent from the field

The Nature School (Take Away the Walls) – a pioneering effort by Erin Kenny

Divergent Labs - A laboratory for Autistic achievement

PADDC - Advocacy, systems change and capacity building


Autistic Advocates:  Thank you Brenda!


Bridget Allen          Alyssa         Julia Bascom       Lydia Brown          Landon Bryce

chavisory        Paula C. Durbin-Westby            Karla Fisher          Henry Miles Frost      

Amy Sequenzia        Lynne Soraya           R. Larkin Taylor-Parker            Zoe